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The STOA War Games are used to build comradery between members as well as help you improve yourself over time. All are welcome to join the battles which will shake the very foundation of the STO Academy and pit friend against friend in the hunt for glory!

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For a complete list of rules please view the War Games Bill, last updated on April 10, 2014.
  • Voice Chat
    • You are required to use speakers or headphones in our Voice Chat to hear the orders of your team leader. A microphone is not necessary.
    • Team leaders are the only one who are allowed to issue commands. They may pass leadership to another player if they are killed. When they respawn they can resume command.
  • Off-Season
    • Everyone is allowed to practice and share PvP information between seasons.
    • RaidCall is not mandatory for practice but recommended.
    • War Games recruitment for fleets can be held anytime between each season
  • Seasons
    • War Games are broken down into seasons which last three months.
    • If you choose a fleet to fight for you will not be able to change during the rest of the season.
  • Cloaking
    • There are no cloakign restructions, but there is a code conduct as follows:
    • Scouting with cloak is restricted to 1 player per team.
    • If a player dies they can return under cloak but must disengage it between 13km and 10km from the closest enemy target
  • Ships
    • You are allowed to use any ship at any time.
    • You should use Admiral level ships so you do not put your team at a disadvantage
    • Shuttles should only be used in shuttle specific matches
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Winning Fleet
The below are season from before the change to three months which started in April of 2014.
Season 1 - August 2013 STO Academy
Season 2 - September 2013 STO Academy Militia
Season 3 - October 2013 STO Academy Legion
Season 4 - April 2014 STO Academy Legion
Season 5 - September 2014 In progress...